Which Hairstyle? (Poll)

Hey everyone, Clare here again. I’m was deciding on which tutorial I should do next week, when I thought why not let you girls decide this time? 🙂

So here are the choices (some taken from the suggestions in Hairstyle Requests ):

#1- Easy messy buns

#2- Five ways to wear the half-up bun:

5 - Copy

#3-This hairstyle:

#4-This hairstyle:

or #5-this one:

The Poll is multi-choice and you can also repeat vote. 😉

The voting will end on the 20th of Jan.

Which tutorial would you like? & 3,000 views!!

We just hit over 3,000 views, isn’t that exciting!?

Like I did when we reached 1,000 views I’m letting you choose which of the three tutorials here you would like to see for my next post.

Remember you can leave suggestions for hairstyles any time in the comments below!

As before, simply pick which hairstyle you’d like (in the poll), and click “vote”. There is no limit to how many votes you have, so vote away! 😉

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I’m happy to do most of these hairstyles as DIY’s (except for the Loop Braid, because my hair is too short for that one at the moment, and it’s not really a DIY style). I’ll also be happy to make a mini video tutorial for each of the hairstyles, but you will need to leave a comment letting me know which hairstyles I should make videos for & which ones you want as DIY’s.  😉 Thanks!

Which hairstyle(s) did you vote for? And why? 🙂