Random Hair & Beauty Things You’ve Never Heard!

Hey everyone, today I’m breaking from my normal hairstyle-tutorial type posts, and sharing with you three hair/beauty hack or tips you may have never heard before!


1.) Ever wondered what that little symbol on the back of all your cosmetics is for?

Basically the number on the symbol indicates how many months you should keep the product for after opening it. In this case, for my primer shown, the 6M = 6 months. 😉

2.) Which is the correct way to use a bobby pin?

Bumpy side up:

or down?

The correct way to use a bobby pin, in which it will grip more hair, is to actually flip it to the bumpy side down. It may seem weird at first, but trust me it works so much better! The reason behind this is because the little bumps are made to grip to your hair, so if you have the pin with the bumpy side up, the smooth side has a much harder time on holding on to anything. 😉

3.) Want to grow your lashes naturally? Use coconut oil!

This is a tip I used to use a lot before I could wear makeup. You’ll be shocked at how quickly the coconut oil lengthens your lashes. All you need is some organic coconut oil, which you can purchase at most supermarkets.

You can apply it by warming some up on your fingers and then gently blinking the oil off onto your lashes from you finger, or you can use some disposable spoolie brushes, which you can get at most chemists and beauty stores.See the source image

Don’t worry if you get some around your eyes, as it’s great for your skin too! 😉

Coconut oil also works great as a makeup remover (especially to remove waterproof mascara!). Simple rub some between your hands to liquify it and then rub all over your face, gently wipe it off with a cloth and then cleanse your skin as usual.

Anndd that’s all I have for today. Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this, along with any other hair-related post requests!

Have you heard any of the tips before?

10 thoughts on “Random Hair & Beauty Things You’ve Never Heard!

  1. I use coconut oil to remove makeup and I think I had heard somewhere that you should use the bumpy side down for bobby pins. The rest were new to me!

  2. Love this post, coconut oil is a favorite of mine. I love the tips on bobby pins as well, great post.

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