Kate Middleton Blowout // flat-iron curls

Hello everyone!

Today I’m doing my first ever heat-curling tutorial. I usually never use heat on my hair, which is why I’ve done several no- heat curl tutorials.



Have you ever been faced with the dilemma on whether you should pack your flat iron or your curling iron? Luckily, your flat iron is great for a lot of things, and can give you some gorgeous curls.



Last year, I did a tutorial inspired by Meghan Markle, so I only thought it fitting that this year I do a tutorial inspired by the stunning Kate Middleton and her amazing blowout look.


difficulty level: medium

time needed: varies for different lengths/thickness of hair. (Mine takes 20 minutes, which is faster than most heat curls on me.)

items needed: 1″ to 1 1/2″ flat iron

1.) My hair is long and thick, so I sectioned it off into 4 sections. (The sections really depend on your own hair length and thickness though.)

2.) Grab a 1″ section of hair. Position the flat iron near the root.



3.) Twist the flat iron away from your face. (note: you don’t have to turn the flat iron a lot for it to curl. If you want to be technical, turn it about 180 degrees.) Clamp the iron down, gently.



4.) Glide the flat iron down the strand. The slower you pass it through the hair, the tighter the curl will be. Just be cautious not to burn the hair. (note: make sure to hold the strand throughout the entire process, until you get to the ends of your hair.)



5.) Curl the rest of your hair, leaving the crown area for last.




6.) For the crown area, curl the sections using the same technique, twisting the flat iron straight back, away from your forehead. Do this for the entire crown section. This will add a ton of volume and a gorgeous swoop affect to the top curls.



7.) Once the curls cool down, it’s time to get the blowout look. Begin by brushing out the curls with your fingers. Depending on how easily your curls separate, you can also shake/flip your hair a few times, or gently brush through them with a boar-bristle brush. (Note: start with your fingertips, then if you need to, shake your hair a little, and then brush it only if you need to.)


img_0737…and there you have it! I’m pretty pleased with the result! It gives that blowout effect without having to use a blow-dryer or go to a salon.



I hope you guys enjoyed my second royal hairstyle. If you have any other celebrity/royalty/princess hairstyle, please let me know down below! If you have any other hairstyle suggestions you want to see us recreate, let us know here.

Catch ya later!

— Sophia : )




6 thoughts on “Kate Middleton Blowout // flat-iron curls

    1. Thanks so much, Daisy! Flat irons are pretty handy, since they can curl and straighten your hair. 😉 I’m glad you like the look! : )

  1. I remember my mom once saying that she wanted to try pretty much the same thing! I’ll have to show her this tutorial. As always, great job!

    1. thank Sabrina!

      I actually did these curls all the time when I had short hair, and they work beautifully. My only suggestion would be to not fuss with the curls quite as much to get the blowout look (step 7 in the tutorial.) Short hair already gives curls more volume, since they’re not being weighed down by length. So for step #7, I’d just use my fingers to brush them out. 😉 Hope that helps! 🙂

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