Top 5 Hairstyles of September 2019

Hey everyone, today I thought I’d share our top five hairstyles tutorials of the month. Let me know if you’d like to see one of these posts every month. 😉

Now the first two hairstyles don’t come as a surprise for being in the top 2 this month, as they’re some of our most popular tutorials of all time. But we’ve also got some more recent posts included in the top 5, so enjoy and let me know what tutorial is your favourite in the comments! 🙂

#1 Sophia’s DIY Overnight Waves

#2 Sophia’s Moana Curls. Posted in 2018, this is our most popular tutorial of all time and has recently hit  1040+ views!!

#3 Clare’s 3 Ways to Style a Scrunchie

#4 Clare’s Super Easy Formal Ponytail

#5 Ann’s Mulan Messy Bun

And that’s all for today.  Feel free to leave any post requests down in the comments, and I should hopefully see you back here soon for a new tutorial!

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